Kyle Florence Web Designer


Kyle Florence Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer...

Hello, my name is Kyle Florence and I have been developing for the web since 2001. I initially got into web design as a mesh between my interests in MSL (and subsequent desire to learn more useful programming languages), and making skins for the popular windows based music player Winamp. My work has been noted for its clean, professional and minimal design techniques combined with hand coded, web standards compliant and accessible XHTML and CSS. Rather than being graphic heavy, bloated or trendy, my work emphasizes functionality and simplicity. This is not to say that it will be bland or non-interactive, but rather that features will be added with accessibility in mind (so that they degrade gracefully if unsupported) and that design elements will be added only when necessary.

Though my specialty has been in web design and programming, I have also explored 3D level design, photography and video game development. In my senior year at San Diego State University, I was able to play around with the Source Engine to develop a very simple Half-Life 2 mod that included 3rd-person character movement. This required me to become familiar with C++ (the source engine does not have its own scripting language), Valve's Hammer Editor (which I had previously used to develop several maps for the video game Day of Defeat on the previous Half-Life engine, GoldSource) and the general schema of the source file structure. During this time I also developed a typing-based game in Adobe Director using JavaScript, instead of Lingo, as the underlying language and continued development on my video game (it currently does not have a name) in Java (which thus far includes a custom made, 2D, tile-based map rendering engine, a sprite storage system and unit pathfinding).

My Hobbies

Aside from programming and development, I am an avid PC gamer, movie addict and beer enthusiast. Oh, and I'm almost always listening to music. When I'm not on the computer (I try to get away as much as possible), I enjoy photography (digital and film), hiking, mountain biking, traveling and exploring. I am a graduate of San Diego State University and I plan on going to graduate school to further my education and open of the possibility of teaching at the college level in the future. I have had the pleasure of living throughout the United States (California, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia and Utah thus far) and experiencing a multitude of cultures and climates. I'm at home anywhere with cultural diversity, mountains, seasons, weather and solitude.

This Website

Starting with my first website back in 2001 (a horrid, heavily graphical, ImageReady-sliced mess), I have been continually fine-tuning my design style and my appreciation of web standards and accessibility. This, the seventh version of my website, has come to heavily reflect these advances. I have designed it to be both visually appealing, interactive and functional, all the while maintaining the accessibility and compliance that I have come to expect of any work that I produce. I hope that you are able to quickly and easily find what you have come looking for and enjoy some of my work while you're at it. I'm always open to comments and suggestions to better myself and my work, so if you have anything to add please don't hesitate to contact me.