Kyle Florence Web Designer


Principals only, no recruiters please.


My passion for learning new techniques and my intense desire to create have led me to a B.A. in Multimedia where I've specialized in web development, video game development and online user interaction. With my knowledge of both the programming and design side of web and video game development, I hope to find work in a related field where I will be able to expand and improve upon my current skill set, meet like-minded individuals, and most importantly have fun in the process!

Skill Set


Though my specialty has been in web design and programming, I have also explored 3D level design, photography and video game development. This, coupled with the general knowledge I have learned in school, has given me experience with a broad array of software. This is by no means a limit to what I can do but simply a list of my proficiencies thus far. I am a fast learner and will excel with any program given proper time and training.

  • Very proficient with web browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 7+, Safari 3+, Chrome 4.0+ and Firefox 1.5+, operating systems: Linux, Windows and Mac, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Eclipse
  • Proficient with Apache, Bash, Vim, gVim, Nginx, SSH, Git, SVN, Adobe Illustrator and PHPMyAdmin
  • Experience with GIMP, PG Admin, Valve Hammer Editor, TextMate, Adobe Flash


Clean, minimal and professional design have always been my specialties. I am a very detail oriented individual and I put that to practice in every website that I craft. My designs will always be hand-coded, web standards compliant and validated in order to be cross-platform and cross-browser friendly and as accessible as possible for those with disabilities. They will be optimized for fast load times and will put the focus on the content and message rather than being graphic heavy, bloated and trendy. Functionality is paramount! I am a mostly self-taught programmer and I enjoy learning and experimenting with new languages and technologies whenever time allows. The list below contains the languages I have experience with in order of proficiency but do not reflect the limits of my knowledge.

  • Very proficient with PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, XHTML, CSS and JSON
  • Proficient with Prototype, RegEx, XML, PostgreSQL and Java
  • Experience with Ruby, Python, C/C++ and ActionScript

Work Experience


  • Software Developer (XHTML + CSS + JavaScript + ColdFusion + PostgreSQL)
  • VisionTree Software, Inc.
  • Hired as a front-end developer, I have dabbled in a bit of everything. On a day to day basis, I build medical forms, develop javascript applications, add functionality to the core system architecture, troubleshoot and debug current functionalities and take on the role of resident CSS and JavaScript guru.


  • Web Developer (PHP + MySQL + XHTML + CSS + JavaScript)
  • Eideticink, LLC.
  • Using the framework I developed for Anobleworld as a starting point, I was able to develop a new framework with improved features and functionality for this project which included new classes for pagination, tabulation and integration with an underlying java-based application. In addition to the new classes, most of the old classes were reworked for improved stability and functionality. Along with the backend PHP and MySQL work, I also designed a simple, functional layout to sit on top of the backend and work as a presentation of the underlying data structures.


  • Backend Programmer (PHP + MySQL)
  • Anobleworld S3, Inc.
  • Developed a custom, scalable PHP framework that includes a fully customizable templating system, cookie, session and server request processing, form validation and graceful error reporting. Remotely set up a CentOS web server and successfully deployed the entire LAMP environment, including code management over an SVN repository. I plan on continuing development of this framework with the eventual hopes of releasing it under an open source license.


  • Layout Designer (PHP + MySQL + XHTML + CSS)
  • Active Dimension, LLC
  • I worked on a small team to transform PSD layouts into XHTML and CSS. The layouts were then sliced into pieces and plugged into the underlying PHP framework system. I also built and modified framework modules using PHP and MySQL as required. Code modifications and submissions were monitored over SVN repositories and all development was performed in a LAMP environment.

    Live examples:

  • Web Developer (PHP + MySQL + XHTML + CSS)
  • GlobalPitch, Inc.
  • Actively developed and incorporated new features into their existing framework, tracked and fixed bugs and worked with the rest of the globalpitch team to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Work was done in a LAMP environment using SVN repositories for code management.

    Live examples:


  • Lead Web Developer (PHP + MySQL + XHTML + CSS + JavaScript)
  • San Diego State University, Art Department
  • I was hired by the art department at the university to re-design and re-develop their aging departmental website. I worked with the art lab's IT consultant and the faculty and staff to brainstorm design concepts and site functionality requirements. Over the nearly one and a half years of work on the project, I was able to update their static website into a feature rich, database-driven web resource for faculty, staff and current and prospective students.

    My work included a custom built content management system for adding and modifying site-wide content, a fully operational events calendar application, a page builder application complete with a custom lightweight markup language, faculty and staff biographies and portfolios, student work galleries and an accessibility compliant frontend layout design which features a panoramic view of the department buildings that changes depending on the time of day.

    Live examples:


  • Layout Designer (XHTML + CSS)
  • Pine Creek Hosting Company
  • Designed five web standards compliant website layouts for an upcoming project. The layouts were to be clearn, simple and easy to integrate with a backend template system. Each layout included valid, standards compliant XHTML and CSS, as well as five different color schemes and graphics.


  • Project Founder (PHP + MySQL + XHTML + CSS)
  • Quotes Database System (QdbS)
  • Wrote a custom built quotes database storage system for online conversations (most notably IRC) on a PHP and MySQL backend. The Project included administrative tools, custom templating and browsing, searching and rating options. Though the project is still under development, due to time constraints I have passed this project on to another developer under a GNU license.


  • Backend Programmer (PHP + MySQL)
  • Michael Blanchard Photography
  • Wrote and developed the backend for an online photo gallery using PHP and MySQL. The site has since been redesigned.



  • San Diego State University
  • 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2008 with a B.A. in Multimedia.
    Awarded the 2008 Outstanding Graduate for the School of Art, Design and Art History.


  • Longwood University
  • 201 High Street, Farmville, Virginia 23909
  • Attended for two years of undergraduate studies in Graphic Design.

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