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  • PHP and CookiesPHP

    A Static Cookie wrapper class for storing and retrieving cookie data. Contains examples at the bottom.

  • Dynamic Select ListsPHP

    Using select lists with dynamic content can be tricky, especially when you want the chosen option to remain selected after the user submits the form. In this tutorial, I will cover an easy way to generate select lists based on which option the user selected.

  • PHP and checkboxesPHP

    Learn an easy way to deal with checkboxes in PHP.

  • File uploadingPHP

    This will be a tutorial on file uploading. Even if you don't know much about uploading files, this should help you get a better understanding.

  • Advanced Templating and .htaccessPHP

    Our third and final tutorial for PHP templating which will focus on how to implement .htaccess into your site, and benefits of using a templating system.